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Blackburn Tools toothed saw blade Blackburn Tools toothed saw blade

Whether you are building a small dovetail saw or a tenon saw suitable for small timber frames, or simply replacing a worn out blade on an old saw, you will find a suitable blade below.

All blades are made from 1095 spring steel, hardened and tempered to Rc 48-51. The teeth are punched, but not sharpened. Rip teeth are punched with approximately five degrees of rake, crosscut teeth with fifteen, and hybrid with ten. These angles are a good starting point for most users, but can be easily adjusted when you sharpen it.

The back end of the blade will need to be clipped off at an angle to fit into the handle. An angle grinder, hacksaw, metal shears, aviation snips, belt sander, or even a file will work. The sheared edges will need some truing and smoothing, which is easy to do with any decent file.

Making the holes for the bolts can be the cause of much angst, but a solid carbide spade drill bit makes quick work of this task if you have access to a drill press.

Blades are deblued, but not sanded or polished. Expect minor scratches from material handling; wet/dry sandpaper can be used to remove these and take it to the level of finish you like.

Blades are leveled (flattened). While this process removes the majority of the distortion, expect to do some minor work to flatten it completely after assembly.

Available in lengths ranging from nine to eighteen inches.

Resources: Making your own saw, while a very rewarding project, can be daunting. While there is no substitute for actually making one, many of us are not inclined to jump right into things. These resources will help you get started on your saw.

Other saw parts: If you need other parts for your saw, I also sell split nut saw bolts, truncated cone saw bolts, and slotted saw backs. Or buy a slotted back saw kit and save a few dollars.

Made in the USA.

The tolerance for blade dimensions is +/- 1/8".

*Depth when used with my slotted saw backs. When using your own back, subtract the depth of your slot from the overall depth.

Blade Length Depth of Cut* Overall Depth
9" (dovetail saw) 1 5/16" at toe
1 1/2" at heel
1 9/16" at toe
1 3/4" at heel
10" (dovetail saw) 2" 2 5/16"
12" (Smith's Key
carcase saw)
2 3/8" at toe
3" at heel
2 11/16" at toe
3 5/16" at heel"
12" (carcase saw) 3" 3 5/16"
14" (sash saw) 3 3/8" 3 11/16"
16" (tenon saw) 3 7/8" 4 3/16"
18" (large tenon saw) 4 3/8" 4 11/16"

Blackburn Tools toothed saw blade Blackburn Tools toothed saw blade Blackburn Tools toothed saw blade Blackburn Tools toothed saw blade