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Copper bookmarks with leather tassels

Many woodworkers also enjoy collecting and reading books. When my daughter, a voracious reader, wanted to make a few custom bookmarks, we looked around for unique materials. We found a small sheet of copper left over from a previous project, and after some experimentation, we settled on a process that produced a unique, attractive, and durable patina. We are proud to offer them for sale here.

Solid copper sheet, 2" x 6", and stamped with the Blackburn Tools logo. Patinated in red hues; as one might expect, the variegated patterns are unpredictable, but always bold and unique. Leather tassels in your choice of rust or dark brown. These unique and attractive bookmarks are a little touch of luxury that any reader will enjoy.

Care: As this is made of pure copper, it is soft and malleable; should it ever bend it can be brought back to flat by pressing it in a vise (use smooth jaws, of course, or otherwise protect it). Although the patina will not rub off in normal use (or in your books), it can be scratched like any other finish, so avoid contact with abrasive materials.

Made in the USA.

Copper bookmark

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                              Leather tassel  

Copper bookmark - $10

Solid copper bookmark with red patina Medallions