Saw Handle Scans

Below are scans of some of the saw handles that have passed through my hands over the years. The scans include both handsaws and backsaws. I have included only those that I am reasonably certain are original handles. The scans are arranged in alphabetical order by manufacturer.

Each scan includes a scale. If you are reproducing a handle, make sure that one inch in the image measures one inch when printed out (unless you are intentionally scaling the handle up or down).

To view a higher resolution image of any handle, click on the listing name or thumbnail image.

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Penna. Saw Works (division of Disston)

Sheffield Saw Works (division of Atkins)

Sheffield Saw Works No. 59 26" 9 ppi cross-cut saw (11-030-011)

Sheffield Saw Works saws were made and sold by Atkins. This is a "Reliable No. 59" saw. There is a chance the handle is a replacement, but if so, it is a dead ringer for the one shown in their catalog.

Full-sized image